Carlisle LinkSport: The New Best Golf Cart Tire

Carlisle LinkSport Tires on a Golf Cart The Carlisle LinkSport is a Professional Choice

Carlisle's new LinkSport 18x8.50-8 Golf Cart Tire has pushed the edge of the golf cart tire industry again, leading the way with an advanced new design. If you're looking for the best golf cart tire, it's impossible to go wrong with a LinkSport!

The Carlisle LinkSport is the latest addition to Carlisle's top-selling golf cart tires. The LinkSport's features include:

  • Improved compounding for longer tread life—it'll be a long time before you replace these golf cart tires!
  • Less rolling resistance and improved ride comfort, with a next-level tread pattern to reduce energy consumption (which could be gas for gas carts or batteries for electric carts) and deliver a much comfier ride than other tires.
  • Turf-friendly! The Carlisle Linksport has a wider contact area than other golf car tires, reducing grass compaction. If you're a golf course buyer trying to reduce you maintenance costs, the LinkSport is just what the doctor ordered!
  • The LinkSport is OEM compatible—meeting or exceeding all testing by golf cart manufacturers for stability, traction and all other key golf cart tire attributes.

Does the LinkSport like the best golf cart tire? It's definitely top-of-the-line! Learn more about the Carlisle LinkSport 18x8.50-8 Golf Cart Tire here and don't forget—shipping in the USA is free!

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